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This website was created and is maintained by Brian Cummins, a professional bridge player, teacher, and director.  Brian is an accredited ACBL teacher and a member of the ABTA.     


In addition to bridge rooms, BBO also includes free instruction about bidding and play, a free downloadable demonstration of "BridgeMaster", rooms to practice bidding and rooms to play with a partner.  Many of the tables on the site can be observed by anyone.

January 2011

Brian heads another precision team into the next series of IAC team matches on BBO.  The matches will be held on Sundays at 9:30 am CST.  Recaps are planned after each game, but times may vary.  Of course, everyone is welcome to attend, though you need to register  first on the IAC website.     

March 2010

The IAC team matches that began March 6 have concluded.  Both precision teams have been invited to play in post series competitions.  More later. 

After a solid 3-0 start, the Pork Chops finished 5-2, and just two victory points off the top spot.  The other precision team won their division.          

Jan. 2010

Both precision teams did well in the IAC team matches.  The Pork Chops won their division for the second time.  Brian, captain of the Chops, conducted the team's recaps, which were held on Sundays at 6 PM Central Time. 

Diane Callahan, diane_tn, named BBO Player of the Month!

Oct. - Nov. 2009

Both precision teams did well in the online
IAC team matches held on Bridge Base Online.  Brian held a recap after each game on Sundays.     

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