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This website was created and is maintained by Brian Cummins, a professional bridge player, teacher, and director.  Brian is an accredited ACBL teacher and a member of the ABTA.     

Bridge Games 

The goal is simple, to have fun building a strong novice program while promoting our wonderful game of bridge and to develop players of all levels. 

All games are sanctioned by the ACBL and directed by Brian Cummins.  Each game is usually $5.   

All games are held on a weekly basis and are based on an average of the pair's masterpoint holdings.   

Inter-Club Championship Games (more info.)


Win more points at STaC games and earn silver points to boot!  Look for STaC weeks held in District 10.  An additional $2.00 is assessed for STaC games.  STaC results are compared to other top results across District 10 and addtional points are awarded for the top performers.  Occasionally, other special games are available at an additional cost.   

Club Championships Club Championships
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Think Green
     GO GREEN!
  Bring your own cup to the games 
    and do your part in conserving our environment.  


 Bridge Games

March 31, 2010:  "I enjoyed Tuesday's game and want to compliment you on your skills as a director.  You were attentive, helpful, and kept the game moving.   Keep up the good work." - Ron Odom 


  Weekly Open & 0-1000 Game     

  10:00 AM Tuesdays
  MA Lightman Bridge Club
  912 Kelley Road 
  Memphis, TN 38111

This game offers a wider range of skill levels.  It is an oppurtunity for the aspiring players to practice in a more competitive environment.  Pre-dealt hands are used with analysis at       

  Weekly Open & 0-2000 Game 
  Pickering Center
  7771 Poplar Pike
  Germantown, TN 38138
  10:00 AM

Bid, Play, Defend