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This website was created and is maintained by Brian Cummins, a professional bridge player, teacher, and director.  Brian is an accredited ACBL teacher and a member of the ABTA.     



2011:  We are proud of each and every player that came out this year.  Well done all. Newcomer, JoAnne Bird, earns 60.36 masterpoints in 2011.  This tops Unit 144 and is second in District 10, just off of top mark by 2.40 masterpoints.  Click links for other notables. 

Ace of Clubs

2011:  Bird captures 39.03 masterpoints at clubs games on the year.  This tops Unit 144 and was good enough for third in District 10, just shy of the top mark by 3.80.  Click links for other notables.  

Former King of Bridge, Blake Sanders wins Red Ribbons at St. Louis NABC March 22, 2013.  ResultsHighlightsBulletin.   

Sectional Master Laurie Caylen earns 26 Gold in District 10 Flight B win and earns birth to Philadelphia Summer NABC July 2012.  D10 GNT Results.

Bridge Games

April 8, 2011:  "You run a very good game and keep everyone happy [not an easy job!]." - Sam Love

March 31, 2010: 
"I enjoyed Tuesday's game and want to compliment you on your skills as a director.  You were attentive, helpful, and kept the game moving.   Keep up the good work."
- Ron Odom 

Bridge Classes

July 12, 2011:  “Very good class … you are the best deal in town.”  - T. Katz

June 7, 2011:  “Wow, I learned so much I didn’t know about overcalls and responses yesterday. Good class.” - T. Katz

May 29, 2011:  “Thanks for giving me enough skills that I can at least not make a fool out of myself at the bridge tournament. It was a lot of fun.” - T. Katz

Simple Squeezes, Sept. 2, 2010:  “Wow, I’m very impressed.  This is the first time that I understand how to recognize and perform a squeeze.  Well done!   I can’t wait for your next class.” - J. Thomas.   

"... how great the class was today - informative, challenging and really just down right fun!  Everybody was talking about how much they liked it.  It was definitely a winner!  Your hard work, knowledge, time spent and organizational abilities have paid off big time.  Thanks so much for doing this and caring about us!  You all are a great team!"
- Joan Stanton

"Thank you, your classes are great." - Margaret Todd  


Mentor Games

May 2, 2010:  "Excellent review ... to improve I need this thought process." - Bob Williams

April 19, 2010:  "Wow…I do not know how you remember all of this! I really do appreciate the feedback. You have to be one of the best mentors there is!" - Wendy Lamore 

April 12, 2010:  “Thanks this is awesome!” – Cary Rodgers

April 12, 2010:  “Thanks so much ... You're a terrific coach!” – Ernie Seger

Feb. 15, 2010:  “Wow…this is fantastic. It is very helpful. I do have a lot to digest…(I don’t know how you remember all those hands!)  Now I just need to practice and memorize all the little details so it comes naturally. Thank you so much for playing with me…. you’re a great teacher!  I hope we can work out another session for April.   I would love to play again sometime.  I’m sure you are in high demand!  Thanks.” - Wendy Lamore

Feb. 7, 2010:  “I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you put into the mentor's game yesterday.  Your critique went above and beyond-- It's already printed and I will study/savor every word.  
I know I have a lot to learn, but that's what makes the game so intriguing.  Your love of the game is very apparent-- I wish you much luck in your pursuits.  Again, thank you and I look forward to learning from you again.”
– Gail Walzer

Nov. 2, 2009:  “That is a fabulous recap, you must have a photographic memory!!!!!” - Lora Adkins


October Class
Oct. 2009

Brian offered Becoming a Better Declarer.  The course was successful.  Students were exposed to declarer's thought process on common deals.  

One student, Paula Grabon, had this to say,
"I used positive assumption in placing cards around the table and it really works!  It was the only way I could have made the hand."

After a mentor game at the club, Cecile Skaggs, a mentor, was really impressed with her partner's play and had this to say, "My partner played the hand beautifully and when I asked her about it, she said that was easy, I learned that in Brian's class."          


Sept. 2009
Tunica, MS Regional

Judy Knox of Germantown, TN wins Gold and earns Life Master status!  Click here for tournament results

Washington, DC
July- Aug. 2009

Okui-Cummins finished 25th in NABC Fast Pairs.  Click for results.  

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