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This website was created and is maintained by Brian Cummins, a professional bridge player, teacher, and director.  Brian is an accredited ACBL teacher and a member of the ABTA.     

Bridge Groups & Instruction

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Weekly Sessions

Bridge is a vast game to learn.  These sessions are taylored to meet your needs and point you in the right direction.  There are a variety of formats available for individual needs.  If you see something of interest, please Ask.

Click on the appropriate links below for class infomation and documentation.   These links are intended for particpants in small group and private lessons.  A username and password is required.  

Bridge Groups     Monday              

Other Sessions

This area is also intended for participants.  A username and password is required.  Adhoc sessions are available with flexible scheduling. 

Boot Camp   Boot Camp

Lakeland Senior Center   Lakeland

Mentor Program   Mentor

Easybridge!     Easybridge! 

Thinking Bridge     Thinking Bridge 

Further Study     Further Study

Declarer Play     Declarer Play 

Defense     Defense

Doubles     Doubles


2/1    2/1 

 Precision    Precision

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